As one of the UK’s leading law schools we understand the huge impact that Covid-19 has had on our students and many businesses around the country. At this time of year our students are usually in the process of undertaking their final assessments and looking toward the start of Summer. The Summer period usually brings with it many opportunities for our students including the ability to undertake career-changing work experience. This year looks far from usual in that respect - for obvious reasons.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic our student’s Summer plans have had to change and the work placements they were eagerly anticipating can no longer go ahead (or at least not in the way originally envisaged). Our students are understandably disappointed at the thought of potentially losing out on these valuable opportunities and we have therefore created a project that can be mutually beneficial for our students and businesses impacted by Covid-19.

How you can get involved

We want to ensure that our students make the most of Summer 2020 and use the time to develop essential business skills. We are therefore seeking local Yorkshire businesses who are available and willing to assist us with our new initiative. In return, your business will benefit from a “millennial’s take” on how you can adapt and undergo a revival, post pandemic. Those students assigned to the this project will undertake a series of coaching sessions from a leading Business Consultancy firm at the outset to facilitate their execution of the project.

How will it work?

If you would like to get involved in our student project it will require only a small time commitment from your business, namely:

  • An initial virtual meeting with our student teams lasting up to one hour. This will give our students an opportunity to ask questions about your business and find out how it has been affected by Covid-19; and
  • Your attendance at an online presentation 4 weeks later, at which our students will present their ideas to you.

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