A Yorkshire personal trainer who specialises in body transformations has acquired his first fitness studio due to a high demand in people wanting to achieve their health and fitness goals following lockdown.

Personal Trainer Mike Green, from Jennyfields in Harrogate, who runs Green Health PT says that he has seen a surge of people wanting to follow his exercise and diet plans in order to get back into shape following the uncertainty of this past year.

34-year-old Mike who has been a Personal Trainer for nearly a decade, said: “This past year has hit us all hard but one thing we can take control of is feeling good in ourselves and I think the surge in demand is due to a lot of people realising in lockdown how important our health is.

“Whilst the fitness industry has suffered, I have been fortunate that I have loyal clients online and off who have been training with me on a range of programmes to transform their bodies.

“I specialise in helping busy people get lean and to boost their confidence and to feel strong in themselves.”

After posting ‘before and after’ transformations of his clients on social media, Mike has seen an increasing number of people want his services, so much so, he decided to acquire his own Personal Training studio in Hornbeam Park where offline clients can come for their one-to-one training in the safety and privacy of his studio.

Mike said: “I have been working in gyms training people for years and then I started training people in their own homes and even in my back garden.
“But with people reluctant to return to gyms as well as a surge of people determined to transform their body and minds, I decided to set up my own PT studio so that my growing client base could access my services in-house as well as it being a great setting to record videos and content for all my online customers who train with me to suit them from wherever they want.”

Former footballer Mike has also seen a rise in couples and families wanting to train together in his studio and at home online. He said: “Keeping fit with a loved one or in a group is a great way to motivate yourself and one another as well as making you more accountable and keeping you on track.
“It’s also a great way to build and strengthen relationships as well as making you feel strong and confident.”

Mike said: “I can tailor the plans and programmes to suit anybody regardless of their schedule, background or goals. I love working with a wide range of people of all ages and sizes, I just want people to achieve the results they crave.”