Hark Systems have started the firster quarter of 2021 by welcoming five new employees into the fold, taking the total headcount to 22.

Hark’s five new starters bring with them a wide array of finely-honed skills and talents, as well as plenty of rich experience, energy and some great attitudes towards ‘helping the world perform better’ – which is a key motif in Hark’s vision.

Hark introduces, Phoebe McLaughlin, Victoria Mawson, Juan Carlos Nisbet, Gavin Kelly and Yarek Tyshchenko.

Phoebe has spent the last year and a half converting technologies, selling functionalities, shouting about performance and fully owning products and services in the tech sector. As an enthusiastic, organised and UX focused product owner, Phoebe is an excellent addition to the Hark team.

Victoria, or Dr. VJ Mawson, brings a plethora of skills to the Hark team as their new data scientist; building energy analytics, data analysis, building simulation and machine learning models. Victoria boasts some impressive experience as a junior performance engineer while studying for her PhD in building energy analytics at the University of Strathclyde and has published four papers on building energy analysis and presented research at conferences around the globe.

Juan Carlos Nisbet is now co-ordinating Hark’s marketing activities internally. The company is now taking a more campaign-focused approach to marketing. Carlos is implementing a new marketing strategy which aims to grow an engaged audience and thus perpetuate Hark’s presence in the green tech sector.

Hark’s new talent partner, Gavin Kelly, has spent the last 8 years working for one of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK. His work has been specifically focused on leading e-commerce, retail and financial service organisations in the technology sector, where Gavin has proven his aptitude for scaling technology teams. Gavin commented on joining Hark: “The opportunity to join a company with a fantastic mission was something hard not to be excited about and I look forward to playing a part in recruiting great talent for an already fantastic team and improving our employee value proposition.”

Hark have also introduced Yarek Tyshchenko to the team as a solutions engineer.

Hark’s CEO, Jordan Appleson comments on the new starters: “We're really pleased to be growing and we are grateful to our customers existing and new for trusting us to help them bring remote monitoring capabilities to life. With our five new starters we’re gearing up for further growth in 2021."