A Yorkshire pest control and hygiene firm has introduced a simple scheme to help businesses increase confidence amongst employees and visitors entering their workspaces.

Key West Pest Control which performs specialist antibacterial misting treatments for shops, pubs and business premises has introduced a certification system designed to reduce anxieties amongst those still having to work in or visit offices.

Under the scheme, firms who appoint the specially trained staff to perform the ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection will be awarded certificates to display on the premises for employees, customers and other essential visitors to view.

Sean McLean, CEO at Leeds-based Key West Pest Control, said he introduced the additional certificates as confidence was vital to help businesses continue to trade successfully through the pandemic:

“The owners and managers of businesses have been on a huge learning curve over the last six months and have had to focus on infection control and cleanliness issues like never before.

“But, just as it’s important to carry out covid-19 cleaning processes such as antibacterial misting, it’s also vital to ensure that employees and customers know that the places they are entering are as safe and clean as they can be.

“So, we now offer signed certificates as proof that the antibacterial misting treatment has been carried out in those premises and encourage our clients to display multiple certificates in prominent positions so that everyone can see it.

“As we deal with a second national lockdown and the ongoing pandemic - and indications are that there’s a long way to go yet - it’s important that people are reassured that everything is being done to keep them safe.”

Key West’s antibacterial mist treatment involves using a machine to generate a cloud of tiny droplets of liquid disinfectant inside premises and is usually completed once every two weeks.

Containing Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus, the antibacterial mist treatment is proven to kill the virus on all hard surfaces.

In the last few months alone, the firm has carried out multiple treatments within both small and large office spaces, as well as some retail outlets as owners desperately try to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

One customer, Sue Crowther at Bracken Workspace said: “Key West Pest Control’s antibacterial mist treatment effectively and efficiently disinfected and protected our office from Covid-19.

“This has strengthened our confidence in the safety of our building and reassured us that our business can continue to operate during the pandemic and that our employees can return to a secure working environment.”