Leeds-based flag and banner maker Northern Flags, donated more than £2,000 worth of signage, which was used at the local #WeMakeEvents march on Tuesday 11th August 2020. The signage, including banners and boards displaying the #WeMakeEvents ‘Red Alert’ logo, was held by protestors at the Leeds event.

The march, organised by people who work within the events industry, took place across the country, in cities such as Leeds, Manchester, London, Glasgow, Belfast and many more. #WeMakeEvents aims to draw public attention to the plight currently being suffered by tens of thousands of people who work in the country’s events industry, who have not enjoyed the same level of government support as other sectors.

Various activities happened as part of the day, including a silent march in Manchester and over 300 iconic venues, such as Royal Festival Hall, Wembley Arena and The Mac in Belfast, lighting up red in support of the cause.

Managing director of Northern Flags, Iain Clasper-Cotte, said: “We have decades worth of experience working with the events industry. Some of those relationships are so well established; they have developed from clients into friends. That’s why it was so important for us to contribute to our local march. We’re proud to play our small part in this important fight. Vital for the events industry and also important for us too.”

Peter Heath, MD of PLASA (the events industry association), comments: “The live events industry supply chain that contributes to every single event in the UK is set to completely collapse. Social distancing prohibits mass events, and even if this stopped now, long- term planning for events won’t enable a return until around March 2021. Now the whole industry is coming together to initiate a Red Alert. We have been campaigning for financial support from the Government using #WeMakeEvents because the sector is on its last legs.”