Whether it is as a profession or simply a hobby in your spare time, woodworking is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable activities that there is. Woodworking combines creativity with technical skill and it is an amazing feeling to turn a piece of wood into something else, but it is important that you have the right tools for the job so that you can carry out the work safely. Read on for the es-sential equipment and tools that you need to work with wood.

First, it is important to state that it is absolutely essential that you have PPE when working with wood because it can be dangerous. You will want to find reliable PPE suppliers and invest in the key items that you will need for woodworking, which is likely to include goggles, ear defenders and gloves.

Power Saws & Handsaws
Power saws and handsaws will be key items for any kind of woodworking project and will allow you to cut through wood with precision and with ease. This means that you need to invest in quality and to carefully maintain these tools.

Planes are also very common with woodwork and used to shave off wood fibers, helping you to create a smooth finish and to let the project take its final shape.

It is important to note that planes are not sanders, so you need to have a high-quality sander in your toolbox too. Sanders use an abrasive sandpaper disk as opposed to a blade to create a silky smooth finish for your projects.

Hammers can also play an important role in terms of pounding, prying and nailing wood together. This also means that it is likely that you will need more than one type of hammer in your toolbox, including a mallet.

You will also need to drill into the wood and these days it is best to use a power drill. A power drill can make this quick, easy and precise and you can buy a range of other attachments to turn the drill into other tools as well.

Screw Gun
Screws are best to use as fasteners when it comes to working with wood which makes a screw gun a smart investment as it can make fastening much quicker and easier.

Tape Measure
Woodwork is all about accuracy so you need to have a tape measure in your toolkit - you can even have a laser one for complete precision.

Sawhorses & Work Bench
Finally, sawhorses and a work bench are key items that any woodworker needs and will allow you to work with wood comfortably and securely.

These are the main items that you will need to get started with woodworking and help you to complete projects to a high standard.