Yorkshire-based sustainable energy business, EV3 Power, has signed former Rugby League powerhouse Eorl Crabtree at its Sustainability Ambassador.
Former prop forward Eorl, who played over 400 times for the Huddersfield Giants and 14 times for England Rugby League, met at EV3’s headquarters in Wakefield yesterday to kick off the company’s ‘Power In - Power Out’ campaign aimed at tackling climate change.

Established in 2020, EV3 Power is a multidisciplinary team of renewable energy consultants, urban designers, chartered landscape architects, town planners and electrical installers that specialises in sustainable energy solutions for large scale infrastructure projects, commercial businesses and domestic customers.

Headed by entrepreneur Peter Bevils, EV3 Power works with some of the UK and Europe’s biggest sustainable energy, construction and transport companies as well as the Environment Agency and local authorities.
Clients include the Jackson Civil Engineers, Story Contracting, JRP Associates architects, AmcoGiffen, Connected Kerb and Leeds -based Alfa Power.

Pete Bevils, welcomed Eorl to the team and said: “Eorl has been a great ambassador for Rugby League for many years. He is well-known for his professionalism, commitment and for being a powerhouse on the field, so that made him the perfect choice for us.”

“This is a really exciting project to be involved in and one I’m really looking forward to throwing my weight behind,” said Eorl.

“Tackling climate change and raising the profile of sustainable energy is one of the biggest challenges we face. The determination and innovation behind EV3 is very much in line with my experience of Rugby League – a sport that has constantly been at the forefront of innovation with things like VAR and concussion testing.”

“As Sustainability Ambassador, Eorl will raise the profile of our ‘Power In - Power Out’ campaign which aims to create energy-positive businesses and communities across the UK”, added Pete.

“'Power In - Power Out’ has three core aims. The first is to reduce the load on the national grid by installing renewable energy solutions - currently only about 30% of the UK’s power is renewable. The second is to advise companies on how to create an energy surplus so they can satisfy their own needs and give energy back to the grid, increasing the percentage of renewable energy we use. The third is help save them save money while fulfilling their environmental commitments.”