English Provender Co. appoint Brilliant Agency

The English Provender Co. has renewed its Very Lazy and English Provender accounts with Brilliant Agency, as well as appointing Brilliant across its entire range of brands. This includes Newman’s Own (Incumbent agency, Inkling Culture) and the newly launched Ravish – English Provender Co.’s sub-brand of relishes aimed at a younger audience.

Brilliant Agency began working on the Very Lazy and English Provender accounts (Incumbent agency, Storm Agency) in 2018 and has spent the last year elevating their presence on social media, with a particular focus on driving awareness and sales for Very Lazy.

Brilliant uses its full-service digital talent to deliver creative content, influencer marketing, paid digital advertising and social media. This offering is bolstered by Brilliant Agency’s extremely proactive approach to Community Management – which has been a key component in growing audiences and increasing engagement rates.

Following the success of these activities, the English Provender Co. recognised an opportunity to apply Brilliant Agency’s expertise across all of its brands, especially Newman’s Own – the unique dressings and marinades brand founded by Hollywood actor, Paul Newman, that donates 100% of its profits to charity. Brilliant Agency will be supporting English Provender Co. to reposition Newman’s Own, increase consumer awareness and consideration, and tell its rich brand narrative.

Andie Anderson, Marketing Manager for The English Provender Co., says: Following a successful first year with Brilliant, we are delighted to extend our relationship this year to include our unique Newman’s Own brand which gives 100% of profits to charity, as well as our newly launched Ravish brand.

We are excited to work with Brilliant to increase awareness of both brands, and of our charity partnerships and donations.

Mike Davis, Managing Director, Brilliant Agency, says: “We’re delighted by the renewal of our agreement with English Provender Co. and by the expansion of our appointment across their full suite of brands.

It’s great for our team to see the ongoing success and results of the work they create, and to know that Brilliant is able to challenge and better the large established agencies through our effective strategic and creative work.”