Coeur de Xocolat a leading international chocolate consultancy provider based in Wakefield and known for its hands-on approach and innovative use of pure foods, has been awarded gold in the category for Chocolate drinks made with cocoa or chocolate in the International chocolate awards 2020 in a virtual ceremony held online

David has been collaborating with Nailmaker Brewery for more than two years helping develop recipes and new ways of using chocolate and Beer
David Explains “I saw a gap in the marketplace for beer made with high quality cocoa nibs not just a chocolate syrup or husks.

“cocoa is such a versatile food, with over 1,500 flavour notes, the pairing possibilities are endless. Modern consumers are looking for quality but with something a little bit different to drink “Consumers’ palates are getting more discerning and they demand an understanding of the cocoa’s provenance and origin much like you would with a fine wine or whisky. The feedback so far has been really positive.” that after a trip to the rain forest of Sao tome & Principe he came back with so many ideas and first out of the blocks was this beer. But beer’s more than just bitter or sweet, it can have Spice, vanilla, caramel, fruit, smoke, coffee, nuts, citrus, and floral these amongst the hundreds of flavours that tasting experts have found in beer, and are also aromas found in the forest.

They both deliver a similar Mouthfeel Chocolate melts in the mouth and the alcohol in beer can create a warming Mouthfeel.

When consumed together, the tastes and textures complement each other perfectly but when fermented together wow.

We also know that beer and chocolate share more than 700 aromas, beer is brilliant at complementing or contrasting flavours of single origin cocoa nibs

"Our legacy is knowledge transfer the whole point is to spread the use of high-quality cocoa both home and abroad, "and we work to deliver on that idea from within by giving our clients and the cocoa farmers the tools needed to succeed and produce better cocoa and cocoa based products."

He continues, "I am proud and humbled for us to receive this award on behalf of both the farmers in Sao tome and the craft brewers in Barnsley.
Coeur de Xocolat Ltd has also been recognised in 2020 as an export champion
By the Department for International trade for the second year.