Chadwick Lawrence support slave-free alliance

Chadwick Lawrence, otherwise known as Yorkshire’s Legal People, have partnered with national charity Hope for Justice and become members of the Slave-Free Alliance.

The Slave-Free Alliance exists with the aim of bringing an end to modern slavery – not only in the UK but across the world – and aims to preventing exploitation, rescue victims, restore lives and reform society.

Chadwick Lawrence was approached by Gareth Henderson who works closely with the charity as Trustee of Hope for Justice to discuss a partnership between the legal firm and the Slave Free Alliance. In this partnership Chadwick Lawrence will not only complete an audit of its own systems, but also educate its own business clients and contacts of the services of the Alliance and the important work it undertakes.

The Alliance is part of the Hope for Justice Family, a collective made up from specialist, professional teams including social workers, lawyers and former detectives. They are experts in the issues surrounding modern slavery, and how it manifests itself in different businesses.

Few businesses are actively complicit in human trafficking within their own business, but many are unprotected when it comes to their supply chains. This partnership will encourage businesses to be at the forefront of a global movement.

Working with the Slave-Free Alliance, Chadwick Lawrence will educate businesses on how to ensure they do not fall victim to modern slavery in any part of their supply chain and ensuring they meet a best practice standard. Businesses will have the opportunity to undergo an audit of their processes, access quarterly seminars and pioneering research, and receive in-house advocacy and crisis response training.

Daniel Krigers, Partner at Chadwick Lawrence, “Our employment law team regularly advises clients who form part of a much larger supply chain. They may face challenges in terms of auditing and tendering which requires a detailed examination of their business practices to ensure they are compliant and can demonstrate that compliance to their customers.”

“The aim for us is to educate our clients on the very important work the Alliance performs and the difference it can make within businesses of all sizes. There is a quality mark scheme in place as part of this which can give businesses a head start when tendering opportunities materialise or when they are asked about their compliance from those organisations further up the supply chain.”

Ben Cooley, Group CEO of Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Chadwick Lawrence to Slave-Free Alliance. By joining up with this pioneering membership scheme, Chadwick Lawrence is demonstrating its commitment not only to its own workforce and supply chain, but to sharing best practice with other companies across the legal and professional services sector and the wider economy. We look forward to working closely with Chadwick Lawrence to bring an end to modern slavery in corporate supply chains, and the exploitation, abuse and violence that goes along with it.”