Leeds-based pest control firm Key West Pest Control has been helping businesses across Yorkshire battle the risk of novel coronavirus as they emerge from lockdown.

The increased support is thanks to a new antibacterial misting service which the firm launched in May 2020.

Containing Benzalkonium Chloride, an effective antimicrobial agent against coronavirus, the antibacterial mist treatment is proven to kill the virus on all hard surfaces.

In the last month alone, the firm has carried out multiple treatments within both small and large office spaces, as well as some retail outlets as owners desperately try to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Director of Key West Pest Control Sean McLean reports feeling ‘over the moon’ with how businesses are stepping up to go above and beyond what is legally required of them:

“Since the government announced that businesses could begin returning to work, I’ve been over the moon with the number of owners contacting our team to enquire about our misting services, which they intended to use on top of their other newly introduced hygiene measures.”

“Every person we’ve spoken to has shown a real commitment to making their office spaces or outlets a safe place for both employees and visitors, and it’s refreshing to know that we’ve been a part of helping them achieve that.

“Our antibacterial mist treatment isn’t intended for single use and we recommend that a series of treatments be completed whilst the virus is very much active, but with many firms, we haven’t even needed to remind them of that as they instantly wanted to book a series of treatments.

“It goes to show that whilst the government has set guidelines, many firms have gone above that and set their own hygiene protocols.”

The latest company to benefit from the misting treatment is Leeds-based digital agency Ascensor, who recently moved into a purposely designed, two-story office on Gelderd Road.

Commenting on the treatment, Director Andy Firth said: “Remote work has a lot of advantages, but in a creative industry like ours, you miss the dynamic atmosphere we crave, no matter how many Zoom calls we have. So, it was key that we get our staff back to the building as quickly and safely as possible.

“Social distancing and hand-sanitizers around the building are vitally important, but we also wanted to give our team the additional reassurance that we had done everything possible to ensure good hygiene. That’s why we decided to use Key West’s anti-bacterial fogging throughout the office and will continue to do so every month for the foreseeable.”

“The majority of our team are now back working in the office and the buzz has returned back to the company.”