Punch Creative, a fully integrated communications agency in Leeds, has introduced a four-day week.

Like many, the coronavirus pandemic caused the Yorkshire business to adapt and become more agile. Employees were set up to work from home and internal and client meetings were led via Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

During this time, many economists spoke in favour of a four-day work week due to its “range of benefits for employers and workers.” Academic studies also reported that a four-day week could result in “lower stress levels, higher levels of job satisfaction and an improved work-life balance.”

Following a review of its working culture, Punch decided to take the plunge and move to a shorter week to achieve the company’s aim of creating a more “socially conscious agency”.

Richard Lowes, Creative Director at Punch Creative said “Our agency runs on ideas, so it makes sense that our focus is to create an environment where everyone is in the best place possible to be creative for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

From July we are joining a small but growing number of companies in the UK by moving to a four-day work week, Friday off, every week. Or as we see it; a shorter more focused working week with agile working = longer weekends with a happier, more creative and productive agency to benefit everyone.”

The agency joins a small number of UK businesses who have decided to introduce a three-day weekend to increase productivity and employee wellbeing.