Halston Marketing, a Leeds-based B2B marketing agency, have just released their latest whitepaper, entitled ‘Bringing Manufacturing Home’. This research paper has been developed in collaboration with leading industry initiatives and thinkers including Make UK and Made Smarter, alongside insight derived directly from SME manufacturers working in various sectors.

The piece delves into the UK manufacturing sector and how the pandemic, exit from the European Union and the rise of homegrown innovation, could reinstate the UK to once again be the ‘workshop to the world’. The paper delves into a range of topics, some of the most prominent ones include how the UK can be competitive in a global market, the drive towards sustainability and the inevitable digital revolution.

Jessica Farrow, PR & Content Manager at Halston Marketing explains the reason behind the whitepaper. “The manufacturing sector is one that we’ve been ingrained in for years. As a B2B agency, we focus on heavy and technical industries and we chose to create this paper as it’s an industry whose resilience, innovation and tenacity continues to fascinate and inspire us.

“There’s often a common misconception that the UK doesn’t produce anything anymore, this whitepaper challenges the core of this assumption with proof of an industry that’s very much still alive. We wanted to investigate how the sector adapted in one of the most difficult years in modern history and how the industry overall can have a stronger competitive advantage compared to international manufacturers.”

Some of the insight that will be covered include:

  • Understanding how digitalisation could speed up manufacturers’ recovery stage and help them come back stronger.
  • How sustainability is pinnacle to the UK’s success, giving it the much-needed competitive edge.
  • A reconsideration of UK manufacturers’ distribution strategy to be less European focused.
  • Key examples of manufacturers who have embraced the digital change and have experienced improved efficiencies and sustainable credentials.

The paper contains this and so much more. The resource is available completely for free, via the Halston Marketing website.