Brilliant Underworld for The Thrill Of It All Tour

WAKEFIELD based Brilliant Stages have collaborated with Sam Smith helping his fantasy stage design become a reality for his worldwide tour.

Brilliant Stages based at Production Park in South Kirby, brought the singer song writer’s vision to life through a complex combination of automation and engineering, which lead to an innovation of their own which will benefit future tours and festivals.

Ben Brooks, Director of Brilliant Stages, said: “At first glance it seemed to be a fairly simple set piece but in fact it was quite a feat of engineering with multiple challenges including a strict seven week timescale and design complexities that gave rise to new technological developments.

“Sam and his design team wanted a very complex set with numerous costume and scene changes that had to remain ‘invisible’.  We achieved this by creating an underworld of complex technology and props all controlled by our own Brilliant Automation Console.

Ben Brooks added: “The underworld ensured that the clean-cut aesthetic could be maintained throughout the full set design.  We even had a section underneath for Sam to travel to different areas of the stage nicknamed the Sam Sled which also helped with his quick wardrobe changes.”

“We also had to ensure that the audience couldn’t see any cables ensuring it fitted with Sam’s clean cut aesthetic.    We worked tirelessly ensuring the set was sleek from head to toe, including gold leaf trimming to give the theatrical Broadway feel Sam wanted and to give the audience the best possible experience.”

Following the release of his second album, Sam’s ‘The Thrill Of It All’ tour featured a huge shard structure piece that developed into a 50ft flower for his song Writing’s on the Wall.  This eventually transitioned into a spiral staircase for the singer’s encore, reflecting Sam’s narrative of the evening.

Production Manager, Wob Roberts, said: “Our collaboration with Brilliant was fantastic as it meant we got a lot of the set built way before rehearsals began.  Elements like those really help the whole process.”