Brilliant Agency, specialists in marketing for food and drink, pioneer first UK campaign for leading South African premium mixer brand, Fitch & Leedes.

The Leeds based creative agency already has an extensive portfolio of food and drink brands, adding Fitch & Leedes to their client roster alongside other FMCG brands including Very Lazy, Mighty Pea, St Pierre and Yorkshire Provender Soup.

The arrival of Fitch & Leedes into the UK market is supported by the brand’s longstanding market share of the mixer category across Africa and brings with it a wealth of creative opportunities for the launch which began last month.

The introduction of Fitch & Leedes to UK shores has only been a matter of time as the brand itself is inspired by the tale of two intrepid English pioneers of the 16th Century who left English shores to discover new and exotic flavours from around the world.

Brilliant Agency’s marketing strategy for Fitch & Leedes plays homage to the brand’s name and history whilst pioneering a reactive marketing strategy at a time when the hospitality sector continues to tackle the effects of COVID-19 restrictions.

Owen McNally, co-founder of Hoyle Bottom Spirits who have the exclusive distribution rights for Fitch & Leedes in the UK says: “The decision to work with Brilliant Agency was an exceptionally easy one to make and we have been consistently impressed by the team’s penetrating and dynamic response to the strategic demands of bringing our products to market, in what has been a very challenging year for businesses. We cannot stress enough the vital part that everyone at Brilliant Agency has played in developing awareness and engagement with our brand.”

The launch will raise awareness of the Fitch & Leedes brand and their partnership with Craft Gin Club this November as UK consumers look for ways to experience bar-quality cocktails in their own home during lockdown.

Placing focus on Fitch & Leedes’ exotically flavoured and distinctive Pink Tonic and Blue Tonic, Brilliant Agency have also been working closely with the mixer brand to reach and support the restaurant and bar industry as they look for ways to entice clientele back to their venues post lockdown.

Working with a brand that aims to be the ‘understudy to greatness’ when referencing the premium craft spirits Fitch & Leedes mixers complement, Brilliant Agency now take a similar stance in their work as they continue to work and support food and drink brands during a challenging year for businesses everywhere.

Brilliant Agency’s Managing Director, Mike Davis, added, “Supporting Fitch & Leedes to launch their exceptional range into the UK has been an enjoyable and evolving challenge for the team here at Brilliant. With the on trade sector taking a beating at the moment the usual routes to market for brands aren’t as clear cut as they once were. Developing commercial and creative strategy has always been Brilliant’s strong suit and the team jumped at the challenge to explore and devise a strategy to deliver on Fitch & Leedes’ objectives.”