Blogging, Brexit and brilliant days out


I have to admit it, I always get nervous when I start to blog.

Despite having absolutely no problem at all when it comes to chatting on the phone or indeed at the numerous events I attend, my nerves always kick in when the day arrives.

Group Editor and all round “Wonder Woman” Gill always gives me every reassurance that all is fine however, if you are able to share any top tips, then I really would be delighted to receive them!

So much has happened since my last update, with almost every single copy of our latest f publication being snapped up (and no wonder, the cover is striking and the content really interesting and varied too)

Edition 41

Edition 41
It has been a privilege to visit many business partners across the Yorkshire region and catch up with their news and updates, plus if needed – straighten their magazines too whilst proudly sporting my new badge, gifted by our Associate Editor Ed Asquith.

There has also been the matter of Brexit last week, and I must confess that I am feeling an equal mix of thrill and trepidation. It’s the dawn of a new era and one which I intend to embrace.

Speaking of politics, 2 days prior to the UK leaving the European Union both Gill and I were privileged to attend the CBI and Barclays Bank annual reception in the grand Churchill Room at the Houses of Commons. We travelled by train to London and as soon as we landed at King Cross, it was apparent that the guest list was filled with lots of familiar faces from Yorkshire. Sharing a taxi with James Mason and Peter Dodd of Welcome to Yorkshire, along with Jodie Hill of Thrive Law proved to be entertaining as conversation flowed and plans for the future discussed.

Taking TopicUK on tour
I must confess, I did wonder if listening to five politicians from two political parties for up to ninety minutes may prove to be slightly longer than my attention span would last, however, how wrong I was!


Topics discussed included HS2, housing, industry and education, to name but a few and the guests were clearly as enthralled as I was.

It was my first visit to the Houses of Parliament and hopefully not my last – a few moments spent on the terrace overlooking the River Thames reminded me of how much I love our capital city.

Despite my admiration for London, my heart does firmly belong in Yorkshire and I have a feeling that this new decade will be one filled with prosperity and joy for many. I will look forward to embracing the adventures that “magazine life” will bring and working with those that are on the journey too.

Best Wishes