11th September 2018

Posted by Gill Laidler - TopicUK Group Editor on 09/11/2018
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I was lucky enough last month to be invited to The Manor House Lindley for a show around of this new boutique hotel and enjoy a most delightful dinner. Thank you to Jaine and Mark for the invitation, what a fabulous place, but I’m not giving details away here, you can read about it in our forthcoming edition due out shortly, or better still, pay a visit for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. This was

12th August

Posted by Gill Laidler - TopicUK Group Editor on 08/12/2018
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It’s been a busy month since my last update. The month started with the opening of The Plex in Wakefield, a new creative business space owned by TopicUK partners, Wakefield Business Centres. This beautiful building is on Margaret Street, just behind Wakefield College and Wakefield Girls High School. The official opening took place on 10th July, with a plaque unveiled by Wakefield Businessman Sir Rodney Walker, accompanied by his wife Lady Ann. The Plex offers

9th July 2018

Posted by Gill Laidler - TopicUK Group Editor on 07/09/2018
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The new Yorkshire edition of TopicUK is now out and we are delighted at the response we have received. We held a small event at The Dakota Hotel in Leeds on 6th July for our partners, contributors, supports and friends, which was very well attended, but that could have had something to do with the chocolate making demonstration, courtesy of David from Coeur de Chocolat! I would like to thank Sir Rodney Walker for his

26th June 2018

Posted by Gill Laidler - TopicUK Group Editor on 06/26/2018
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What a busy week last week. Not only were we putting the finishing touches to TopicUK’s first Yorkshire edition that is out next week, I was out and about at various events. I had attended the press night at Wicked and delighted that I will be going again on Friday this week! What a fantastic performance by everyone involved. If you have not seen it yet, don’t miss out, it’s at the Grand Theatre for

13th June 2018

Posted by Gill Laidler - TopicUK Group Editor on 06/13/2018
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It’s been such a busy month so far, with so much more to come, this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and let you know what’s going on at TopicUK. We are excited to be working on our next edition due out in early July as this will be our first edition where we will be Yorkshire wide! We are now able to bring you business news from all over Yorkshire, so