Leeds’ digital marketing agency Ascensor has been featured by Google in a global showcase of web design firms which are successfully using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web code.

Andrew Firth (MD) of Leeds-based Ascensor explains: “We are delighted to be included by Google in their best practice providers of AMP for Wordpress based websites. The showcase features 141 sites worldwide and two of these are built here in Leeds by Ascensor.”

The two websites, created by Ascensor and featured in the Google AMP for Wordpress showcase are Leeds-based video and animation firm Feature Media and Pontefract-based gas engineers Z2 Engineering.

Andrew explains: “Accelerated Mobile Pages web code, was launched by Google in 2016 to ensure that mobile webpages can perform at the optimal speed.”

“When it ranks web sites in search results, Google AMP puts an emphasis on the speed at which sites operate, and it also prioritises sites which feature the AMP coding.”

More customers are using their mobile phones to access the internet, and mobile internet access has now overtaken desktop access. Increasingly, internet users expect mobile web pages to load quickly.

This is especially important when customers are browsing online retailers, where online customers expect lightning-fast loading speed.

Andrew Firth explains: “ Some users believe that slow web page loading on their phone is caused by the strength of their mobile signal or the quality of their Wi-Fi. Whilst these can influence loading speed, it’s usually the technological design of the mobile web site which is the main determinant of page loading speed.”

“The design of mobile sites is different from desktop sites, and our role is to ensure that mobile web pages can perform in the best way.”

Ascensor build websites based on the AMP open-source code. This means that pages load almost instantly, on users’ mobiles and desktop devices.

Unlike traditional mobile pages, Google AMP pages are automatically stored (or cached) by Google AMP Cache, providing much faster load times on Google search.

Andrew Firth adds: “Our maxim is that we build engaging, high performing websites for our Ecommerce clients of all sizes, from start ups to PLCs. What they all have in common is the need for their site to load quicky so that their customers do not abandon their site and move to a competitor’s website. AMP technology is pivotal in our ability to do this for our clients.”

Global recognition
Andrew continues: “Globally, more than 1.5 billion AMP pages have been created to date, and the AMP format is supported by more than 100 leading analytics, ad tech and content management providers, so the footprint of this technology is massive.”

“We are one of a huge number of website developers, globally, who have adopted AMP coding, which is why being showcased by Google as an AMP expert, with two of our website designs being featured by them, is a great achievement.”