Artist Ryan Swain who is also a presenter and entertainer has had a piece of his artwork entered into the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021 in London.

The piece, featured in the competition is called Carnivore Of Colours was produced by Ryan in the first lockdown of the pandemic. The acrylic painting started life as a detailed pencil and charcoal sketch of a tigers head on canvas. Since being in lockdown, Ryan has managed to create over 50 different works of art for people across the UK and is currently making and creating an array of different styles of artwork such as contemporary, shock art and sculpture for an exhibition he is planning when things return to normal.

Ryan said "To have my work entered in such a prestigious event means the world to me. I have always had a keen passion and interest in all styles of art and have recently rekindled my passion for it.

The Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2021 will be awarded to artists that show significant potential, interesting ideas, a relevant message and skillful execution. They believe that talented artists exist in many forms, so endeavour to appeal to emerging artists of all ages and career paths, whether student, graduate, full-time or part-time, and from any country.

Ashurst's aim in sponsoring the Emerging Artist Prize and Emerging Artist Programme is to find, build and support the careers of talented international emerging artists and get their art seen by a wider audience.

There are £10,000 worth of prizes and also exhibitions for the winners. The overall winner receives a £3,500 prize and an exhibition at the Emerging Artist Gallery in Ashurst's London office.