Anchor Vans gets World Cup fever and asks followers to get involved

“Scores on the doors” is one of the famed Generation Game catchphrases and it has really stood the test of time. Anchor Vans take on the challenge of soccer-loving generations with their scores on the (van) doors game and invite everybody to get involved. No matter which team you support, predict the scores of the most popular matches on the Anchor Vans Facebook page and earn the rights to brag in perpetuity.

Play scores on the doors with Anchor Vans on Facebook

Many of the 2018 World Cup matches are likely to be of interest to clients and friends of Anchor Vans and final scores will be posted on their Facebook profile. ‘Scores on the doors’ applies to all England games, the first match, semi-finals and of course the final. The posts are integrated into the Anchor Vans Facebook page and visitors just need to click on relevant team flags to cast votes for likely match scores. Check Facebook to find out how many visitors predicted the result of the England vs Belgium match and cast a vote for upcoming matches.

Simon Joyce, the managing director of Anchor Vans commented: “It’s great to get our customers and followers involved. As the World Cup takes over our lives, we’re getting involved in our own way. Anchor Vans and sporting activities always work well in partnership and we hope all our Facebook visitors will enjoy this fun game.”

The game has proved popular with their customers, most of which are sole traders or SMEs owning between one and three vans.