The NHS Sustainability Day of Action this year will be taking place on the 4th of June 2021.The annual NHS Sustainability Day, previously held in March, is about celebrating the importance of sustainable development within our national health services.

Throughout this annual day, NHS and Healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to showcase how they’re driving sustainability whilst celebrating their achievements and engaging with staff, patients and visitors.

Since its inception, the Campaign has gone from strength into strength, recognising and sharing good practice across the health sector through events, professional networks, publications and national awards.

“We’ve only been working on this campaign for a few months and already we’ve been met with a huge amount of passion and appetite for sustainable change within the NHS”. – Georgia Halston, Co-Founder, NHS Sustainability Partnerships.

The Partnerships work closely with Hospital Trusts to ensure that the content and events remain relevant to what’s happening in the health sector. The Campaign aims to drive action on sustainable development within the NHS via a range of platforms.

This year there will be three webinars hosted throughout the day, focusing on Transport, Nutrition and Energy. The mixed program will allow NHS staff around the country to participate in the national campaign. Each webinar will identify key aspects of sustainable development within healthcare practices, addressing their challenges, solutions, and achievements.

The Partnerships are also developing five free downloadable Digital Toolkits in partnership with charitable/non-for-profit organisations and NHS Trusts. The Digital Toolkits will provide comprehensive, insightful, and factual information on how our NHS employees can transform their daily activities into long-term changes which contribute towards a Net Zero NHS.

“We want to provide insight and inspiration to those who’ve worked so hard for all of us over the past year. Sustainability isn’t just about ecology; it’s about making changes that impact the lives of the people working on the frontline.” – Nathan Swinson Bullough, Co-Founder, NHS Sustainability Partnerships

“Our continuing mission is to work closely with Hospital Trusts to ensure that all of our activities and campaigns remain relevant to what is happening in the health sector and we hold their interests and sustainability goals at the core of our activities”

The NHS Sustainability partnerships will be partnering with likeminded companies to form a group of trailblazers that can help us build efficiencies for our NHS employees.

Keep an eye out for information and updates on the NHS Sustainability Partnerships Website.