The corporate car park is often merely thought of as a blob of tarmac, a space where people spend a measly few seconds of their lives.
However, the area is much more important than that, particularly come winter. The chills of early 2021 have brought alongside stark weather warnings also, with large parts of the country experiencing heavy snowfall recently. On a weekend this can be nice, as the days are filled with laughter, snowball fights, and atmospheric walks across blanketed fields, but things get dicey in professional spheres, particularly where car parks are concerned…

So, here’s 3 reasons why you should never underestimate the corporate car park in winter.

Staff Tensions
The car park can be an area where the true feelings of staff are revealed, slowly easing in and out of ‘professional mode’ in this area as they come and go.

Many people are down during the colder seasons, particularly in the month of January when the highs of Christmas are over. The winter blues are a very real ordeal, as signposted by the NHS, and these kinds of feelings can spark other negative behaviours if left unchecked. Consequently, there is a strong chance some of your workers are currently experiencing a tough time.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to lose their tempers in bouts of parking rage either, exchanging harsh words and blaring horns on occasion. This kind of behaviour can be a sign of greater problems too, and obviously should be prevented. Reviewing camera footage or arriving alongside colleagues might help you to read into your worker’s moods as they arrive, keep an eye on their wellbeing, and give you a chance to be a supporting presence in their life.

Gritting Locations
In dramatic winter weathers, something as simple as a car park can suddenly morph into a prime destination for serious injuries and hefty lawsuits.
Snow and ice are recipes for slips underfoot and skids under the wheel. Therefore, it is vital to grit the area effectively to ensure that everyone the premises can come to work and go home safely and in good time. Otherwise, at best you will sow feelings of resentment into the heart of your workers, and at worst you will seriously compromise their safety.

Visit to field your options here because you do have a good many to utilise. This company reduce risks and essentially keeps your business working, forecasting the weather as accurately as possible to boost their efficiency. Information such as their time of arrival, spreading rate, and more is also made available to you, making sure you are happy with the thorough service provided.

First Impressions
When visitors arrive at the business premises, the car park is often the first part of the firm that they experience.

Therefore, it if it is poorly managed, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on the visitor. If that arrival is a client, investor, business partner, or interviewee, this might shed an irreversible negative light on all the proceedings that follow. It sets the tone of every on-site engagement, so it is important your car park is used efficiently.

Try to always secure places for visitors as close as possible to the premises, especially during winter. That way, they have less far to walk, reducing the chances of slips and trips. Additionally, they will get inside all the sooner, which means they won’t spend too long getting cold or irate outside. In the end, the closer they can all park, the better!