Upcoming Features

Throughout 2018 we will be adding to our features list and looking for contributions from businesses and individuals from across Leeds, Wakefield, Kirklees and Calderdale. If you wish to submit content or pitch an idea in line with one of the features below, please email:

Wakefield edition: sophie@topicuk.co.uk
Kirklees & Calderdale edition: alex@alexdmasonpr.com
Leeds edition: editor@topicuk.co.uk

MARCH 2018
This month, we’ll be celebrating all things ‘apprenticeship’ in line with National Apprenticeship week 2018. We’ll also be announcing the Winners of our School Careers Correspondent competition. Has your business had success recruiting and retaining apprentice workers? Perhaps you started your working life as an apprentice and now operate at a senior level within your business? Maybe you’re a huge advocate of the on-the-job learning instead of university? With the increasing number of students bypassing university in favour of securing a paid apprenticeship, we’ll be looking at how companies across the region are embracing this within their workplaces and the effect it’s had on their business and teams.

Stories of Success
March is also home to World Book Day and we want to hear from local business people about the childhood stories that inspired them and why? If you’d like to take part, please email your name, job title, book name and a 250 – 300 word summary of why the book inspired you and how it helped you to achieve success in business to the relevant editor above.

MAY 2018
Mental Health in the Workplace
Awareness of mental health in the workplace is vital to ensuring employees and colleagues are confident in talking to their employer about any issues they face and helping to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. We want to hear from business across the region about their experiences of addressing mental health among employees. Perhaps you have a fantastic initiative in place to encourage employees to share how they’re feeling, or maybe you have dedicated activities in place to support workplace wellbeing and staff morale. Could you contribute some tips or advice for other employers around how to create a workplace where employees feel supported and deliver the best of their ability?

JULY 2018

Charity begins at Home
Are you a charity operating in Kirklees, Calderdale, Wakefield or Leeds? Have you been doing some amazing work to the benefit of others and want to raise your profile? In line with International Day of Charity, TopicUK will be speaking with charities from across our region about the projects they have going on and the difference they’re making to those they work with. Why not send us some information on your charity and see if you could get involved? Maybe your company has established a charity of its own or is heavily involved in charity work for CSR purposes? We want to know about it, get in touch!

Style and Substance?
This month, in line with London Fashion Week, we want to style profile some of our region’s best business people and find out what they wear to work. Do you think power dressing is the key to success, or is a more relaxed look the vibe you go for? Have you scrapped a business dress policy in your workplace in favour of something more casual or vice – versa? If you’d like to have your style profiled, please email a full length picture of your ‘work-style’ along with your name, company and job title and a 300-350 word description of your style and why it works for you in business.


Our regular How it’s Made, CSR Showcase and Young Entrepreneur features will continue to run. Please contact the relevant editor for details.