Five in Five

Got some business advice to share? From 1 to 5, tell us your top tips to do with your industry, service or product in five minutes. Up to 400 words.

Important: Please send a high-quality headshot of the author.

Lessons in business

New to business or a seasoned pro? We’ve all got some nuggets of wisdom to share. TopicUK readers want to hear your best lessons in business. What’s worked well, or what hasn’t? How would you do things differently? What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned on your business journey to date? Let us know in no more than 450 words.

Important: Please send a high-quality headshot of the author.

Out of office

A light-hearted look at what we do when we’re not at work. Please answer the following questions and submit.

  • You arrive home on Friday night after a busy week. What’s the first thing you do?
  • It’s time for the weekend. What are we most likely to find you doing, and where?
  • Saturday night arrives. What’s your idea of the perfect way to spend it?
  • It’s Sunday already. What tasks are usually on your ‘to-do’ list?
  • Work again tomorrow. Do you get the Sunday blues or look forward to getting back – and why?
  • The weekend’s almost over. What’s the last thing you do before you hit the hay ahead of another week?

Important: Please send a high-quality headshot of the author.

Young Entrepreneur

Are you 35 or under and running a successful business in Yorkshire? Answer the questions below and submit to tell TopicUK readers more about your story.

  • How old are you?
  • What is the name of your business/company/brand?
  • Tell us a bit about how you came to be running your business?
  • What areas do you specialise in?
  • Who has provided you with help and support along the way?
  • How many clients/customers do you currently look after? Tell us a bit about them?
  • What would you say has been the most challenging part of growing/running your business so far?
  • And what has been the most rewarding?
  • Do you use social media for your business and if so, to what effect?
  • What advice would you give to another young entrepreneur starting out in business?
  • Why do you feel that Yorkshire is a great place to do business?
  • And finally – where do you hope to see the business in five years’ time?

Important: Please also send a high quality headshot or image of the interviewee plus business logo that we can use in the magazine.