Yorkshire not fooled by smiles on social media

New research has revealed Yorkshire folk to be some of the most resilient when it comes to social media insecurities. In some regions, more than half of people experience insecurity when looking at other people’s photos online, but only one in three of us in Yorkshire admit to being affected. With more than half (52%) the region disapproving of oversharing on social, perhaps its role in society is simply limited in the county.

It’s not just confidence at risk, though. The research by safe.co.uk revealed that 90 per cent of the region thinks people only keep or upload their best photos to social media. From this, they create false ‘happy’ memories of how times once were. Not only the most resilient to pressures of social, Yorkshire people are also some of the most confident in personal memories, thinking it unlikely that false memories have been created after looking at a childhood photo – a confusion prevalent across the rest of the country.

Professor Martin Conway, Head of Psychology at City University London provided some insight into how social media is affecting our memories,
“The new research by safe.co.uk has shown us just how fallible memory is and the use of social media is actually contributing to this false recall. What we need to remember is that in order to accurately remember times gone by, we should be using other cues and tangible keepsakes, not just online photos, to store our memories most effectively.”

More information on the research can be found at www.safe.co.uk.