Water sales rocket by 210% on the UK’s hottest day

As the nation struggled to cope with the sweltering temperatures on the UK’s hottest day of the year yesterday, a survey by Epos Now has revealed that water sales by convenience stores experienced a 210% increase in comparison to a Tuesday in July last year.

The survey, carried out across 500 UK stores also discovered that the price of a bottle of water in London is 26% higher than the UK average. In addition to the water sales, convenience stores saw a hike in pre-made ice sales, with figures increasing by 112% on the daily average.

As temperatures reached highs of 33.5c in Oxfordshire, the heat also proved to be good news for coffee shop owners. A further Epos Now study of 500 coffee shops reported that iced frappes sales posted a 50% increase on the daily average which was a 148% rise in comparison to a Tuesday in July last year.

The brilliant sunshine also prompted the public to flock to pubs and bars. Results from a study conducted by Epos Now that included 500 Pubs and Bars, unearthed a 32% rise in sales in comparison with a Tuesday in July 2015. However, the majority of the sale increase was found in food sales rather than beverages as people sought to avoid the heat of their own kitchen.

Epos Now CEO Jacyn Heavens said: “It’s unsurprising that water sales increased as a result of the hot weather yesterday but it highlights the importance for business and consumers to monitor the weather to ensure the nation is hydrated and safe. The figures present an accurate picture of how yesterday’s extreme weather affected an array of businesses which will then enable them to plan better for the future. We found out 62% of our retailers that sell electric fans ran out of stock yesterday which highlights the importance of forecasting.”