TopicUK has a new home!

So we finally moved into our new office last Friday. We’ve been based in Unity Works for a little under two years and its been fabulous, but it was time to move on to pastures new, with new people and new contacts.

We are now based at Paragon Business Village, alongside Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors, who are now partnering our Leeds edition with all things law! Chadwick Lawrence already partner with us in our Kirklees/Calderdale edition, so we already enjoy a great working relationship with them.

Do any of us realise how much ‘stuff’ we collect in the office in just 2 years. I was amazed when I came to pack just how much we had accumulated (thanks to Adeem Younis, chairman of Penny Appeal and Sarah Pearson, Wakefield Council by the way, for supplying us with boxes!) Most of the boxes seemed to be filled with books, many many business books that I am sent to review (let me know if you want to help with this!) so when I booked a van for the job, little did I realise that it would take many trips and all day!

Still, we’re settled now so please do feel free to drop in and see us, there’s always a coffee on the hob!

The new edition of TopicUK has been delivered today and will start making its way into our many outlets from tomorrow, so do look out for the new copy where we feature the very lovely Hannah Cockroft in our Leeds and Kirklees/Calderdale editions and Kevin Trickett, president of Wakefield Civic Society in Wakefield.

Gill – Group Editor