Towndoor’s top five reasons why you should move your work premises

Our top 5 reasons for you to move premises

We’re always ready to help you find the perfect new premises. Our supportive team will guide you through every aspect of the letting process, from initial viewing of the property to maintenance and repairs after you’ve moved in.

But how do you know when the time is right for you to move property in the first place?

To help you we’ve put together this short list. Take a look – you could find a sign that it’s time to switch to us.

  1. Your current property is too small

There comes a time in every business’s life when it has to expand. You love the property you’re currently in, but when it can’t meet the needs of a growing business, it’s time to find somewhere that can.

Your ideal premises should toe the line between size and cost-effectiveness – we’ll work together with you to find the right match

2. Is your landlord driving you up the wall?

Not all landlords are as conscientious as us. Some Landlords will take the rent each month and delay repairs and maintenance – at Towndoor we pride ourselves in making sure all maintenance and repair work is dealt with quick and efficiently!

Whenever you need to call us within working hours, we’re here.

3. Your current property isn’t up to scratch

Are clients scrunching their faces whenever they enter your place of work? Are they wearing clothes pegs on their noses or hotfooting it to the exit when they spot the rising damp in your bathroom?

Then it’s definitely time to move. The ideal landlord ensures that all properties in their care are well-maintained and in an exemplary state before you’ve even moved in. It’s a high benchmark that we always meet.

4. You’re starting up

As a start-up company, you may never have rented a business premises before. Perhaps you’re an internet hit who’s looking to find a physical location to continue their success, or maybe you’re not yet tried and tested and need a location perfect for a fledgling company.

Whatever the reason, we can supply you with units that are ideal for a company that’s just starting out.

5. Make life easier for your clients

If your target demographic has to take three buses and a taxi just to reach your location, then you’ve made a bad decision on where to set up shop.

The solution is to find a property that’s convenient for your customers, and that’s exactly what we supply.

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