Top Accountant’s coach pens book

In his book, ‘The Highly Profitable Accountant’, Rudi Jansen lays out a step-by-step guide where you will learn:

  • The Profitable Practice Model that gives you at least 50%+ Net Profit
  • How to build your A+ team so you can focus on growing your practice
  • Master delegation with the Who-What-When Triangle
  • Outsourcing and how to make it work for you
  • Three simple systems to reduce your lock-up within 60 days
  • How to get up to 16 referrals a week

A top coach, who specialises in helping managing partners of accountancy practices, has shared his secrets in a new book.

Internationally trained business coach, who qualified as a chartered accountant, Rudi Jansen wants to show practice owners how to reduce lock-up, make more time for themselves and increase their net profit by at least 50%.

Mr Jansen runs successful coaching company Accoa which helps partners implement important systems and processes that will help their practices grow exponentially.

His book, The Highly Profitable Accountant, promises to help accountants to “take control of their practice, make more money and, get their life back.”

Mr Jansen, who hails from South Africa where he qualified as an accountant, said: “I went into accountancy to achieve my dream of freedom.

“By freedom I mean I wanted more time and money so I could excel in all areas of my life.”

But Mr Jansen quickly realised that he had very little time, of which he craved, as he was so engulfed in his accountancy work.

He said: “Money has a nasty habit. The more I made, the more I spent. And freedom still felt out of my reach.”

Mr Jansen decided to travel the world, to pursue his dream, and to learn from the best business coaches in different industries.

By doing this, he began to develop his own theoretical business model, which became the launching pad for Accoa.

Mr Jansen said: “I started Accoa  to help business owners achieve goals that are out of their comfort zones.

“As a result, I ended up coaching over 220 small-to-medium sized businesses and I helped them to flourish through implementing my business model.”

His results were phenomenal and in 2012, Mr Jansen decided to focus his coaching company purely on helping accountancy partners.

“This meant that Accoa was perfectly aligned with my vast range of experience in both practice and commerce.”

Mr Jansen hopes to share his expertise with as many managing partners as possible, to help them achieve freedom from the day-to-day running of their business.

In order to do this he is a regular speaker at high-profile events within the accountancy sector and business industry alike.

Mr Jansen’s new book The Highly Profitable Accountant, demonstrates his tried and tested models which he has refined throughout his years coaching and being in business.

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