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Rotary Twins Meet Again

At the end of May, two twinned Rotary Clubs will meet up again in Leeds.
The Rotary Club of Leeds (which meets weekly at the Cosmopolitan Hotel) is hosting an 18-strong party of Rotarians, representing the Braunschweig-Richmond Club, based in the town of Braunschweig, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

This biennial event, with the venue alternating between Leeds and Braunschweig, started in 1972 and has created deep friendships, fellowship and valuable, mutual understanding.

A multi-faceted programme has been arranged to enable the visitors to experience our dynamic city and its admirable surroundings.

The programme will include a visit to Leeds University, a behind-the- scenes look at the new Victoria Gate Shopping Centre, and a day trip to the perfect English House at Burton Agnes.

The two twinned clubs will share a meal and a musical recital, at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Lower Briggate Leeds, on Friday May 26.

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