Pop Up Vegan Restaurant

A star of this year’s MasterChef is popping up Vegan restaurants in Leeds and Sheffield.

Chris Hale who wowed the judges on this year’s BBC’s MasterChef series is preparing to treat the paying public to a tempting British-themed Vegan menu.

Chris said: “I’m really excited to be offering a fine dining menu for Vegans and people who enjoy Vegan food. Everyone is welcome to join us for four sumptuous courses of quality food, along with a lovely selection of drinks from our Vegan friendly bar.

Chris, who reached the quarter-finals of this year’s MasterChef, has launched his own restaurant business Pop Up North since starring in the popular TV cooking show. He said: “I’ve been astounded by the number of cooking opportunities I’ve had since the show and I’ve decided to focus on popping up my own restaurants and private dining, as the two allow me to be fresh, creative and challenging.”

A Taste of Britain Vegan Pop-Up takes place this Thursday at Roots and Fruits in Leeds and this Friday at The Art House, Sheffield.

For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/popupnorth or email chris@acclimatiseme.com or call: 07899767279.