Northern Powerhouse firms to launch innovative medical technology

A leading tech investor from Leeds, David Pearce, is launching an innovative blood pressure monitoring solution, with the help of a number of digital and e-commerce partners based within the Northern Powerhouse.

Leeds based Nephos Solutions Ltd and Tarilian Laser Technologies Ltd (TLT), a Hertfordshire-based global developer of medical devices, have coordinated the creation of a new company to launch ViCardio™, which will launch the first aesthetic, high performance, luxury, TLT consumer wearable blood pressure device.

Unlike traditional blood pressure cuffs, the ViCardio™ product delivers a continuous and highly accurate blood pressure reading – similar to the output that is generated from an internal arterial line.

Cuff-based blood pressure monitors can be uncomfortable to use and are notoriously inaccurate. ViCardio™ uses its own patented opto-electronic sensor which instantly delivers a continuous and highly accurate blood pressure reading. This is achieved with no cuff, no application pressure and no calibration required at all, making it easy for clinicians to use and is more comfortable for patients.

ViCardio™ will be launched to the consumer market through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform in April 2018, with delivery to the medical sector expected later in 2018 following TLT’s clinical trials at the world famous Bart’s Hospital in London.

Firms supporting the launch include Leeds-based Calls9 and Communicate Europe; Statement in Wakefield; and Nuuk based in Manchester.

Sandeep Shah, CEO of TLT & ViCardio comments: “Delivering a successful Medtech product now requires not only excellent design and manufacturing support, but also extensive skills and expertise in mobile applications, data analytics and e-commerce sales & marketing. TLT is delighted to be working with the wealth of talent available within the Northern Powerhouse and the energy that is being injected into the launch. This complements the extensive partnerships that we have nurtured across the globe”.

David Pearce, of ViCardio Ltd said: “We’re delighted to have formed a joint venture with one of the leading global developers of innovative medical technology. The fact that we are launching ViCardio™ from the North shows the range of digital and e-commerce talent we have in the Northern Powerhouse”.