New Community Arts Organisation launches in Wakefield

The artists and trustees behind the recently closed and much loved Faceless Arts have created a new arts organisation called Edgelands Arts.

Edgelands Arts aims to use art and creativity to connect people with each other, their communities and landscapes. They will share personal, often untold stories from the edges of communities, cities and countryside in new ways in order increase understanding and appreciation of the arts, tackle social isolation and improve social, community and cultural wellbeing of people of all ages and abilities.
With an ethos of Explore, Participate and Create, Edgelands Arts collaborates, creates, commissions, delivers and co-produces arts projects with people across Wakefield, Yorkshire and the UK. The organisation aims to bring artists and communities together, (Re)connect people with each other and the world around them and explore stories of space, place, identity and belonging.

Based in Wakefield, Edgelands Arts has developed two innovative strands of work to reach communities – Creative Cultural Wellbeing and Creative Social Geography. With Creative Social Geography, Edgelands Arts will deliver arts projects that build relationships, enable self-expression, celebrate difference and support people to work together creatively. The organisation’s Creative Social Geography strand will use the arts to explore how the natural and man-made environment shapes and influences people’s lives and how people, in turn, have shaped and influenced the landscape.

Edgelands Arts draws on the collaborative experience of artists Tony Wade, Charlie Wells and Bev Adams and a supportive board of trustees. Tony Wade specialises in community co-created visual arts projects, Charlie Wells is a musician, community engagement specialist and creative producer, and Bev Adams is a performer/director, event manager, trainer and researcher.

Currently in the process of applying for charitable status, the company will be working with a combination of statutory organisations, charities and commercial organisations to provide their services free at the point of delivery and increase access to the arts for all. In the process of launching Edgelands Arts, the company has already delivered successful projects with Creative Scene in Cleckheaton, Kirklees; the National Trust at Nostell, Wakefield and is presently delivering a project for Wakefield Council with people with dementia in 3 Wakefield Libraries.

Lead Artist Bev Adams said: “Tony, Charlie and I are delighted to be able to create new opportunities for communities in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and the UK and to create art that helps us all to connect with each other and the world around us. At a time when the media portrays our communities as politically and socially divided, we feel a great need to come together creatively and share stories from the Edgelands.”

Edgelands Arts will host its official launch on Wednesday 26th July at 5pm at the Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE

For further information about Edgelands Arts visit; facebook: