New beer guru set for ‘hoppily ever after’

Pub and restaurant chain The Botanist has added to its mixologist and bar team with the appointment of its first ever female Beer Guru, Lauren Soderberg.

As an in-house expert on all things fermented, brewed and bottled, Lauren will predominantly work to train staff on their beer IQ, host beer masterclass events across the country and introduce customers to The Botanist’s impressive catalogue of 70 cask and draft ales, and bottled beers.

Having previously worked with The Botanist’s parent company, The New World Trading Company, as a bar manager, Lauren has a wealth of brand knowledge and experience, she said: “Beer has long been my favourite drink, but has evolved into a real passion of mine.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with both staff and customers alike and hopefully encourage some newbies to get involved with our beers.

“This role brings me an opportunity to drive my passion and work within a company I’ve grown so much within. The bottom line is: I really like beer!”

Becoming the pub chain’s new ‘Beer Guru’ was no easy feat. Before her appointment, Lauren had to complete a Master of Beer qualification, completing a 2 hour exam, a 2000 word paper and a nerve-wracking blind taste test.

Lauren said: “Before the test, I thought I knew everything about beer; I was wrong!

“I’ve been put through my paces, it’s been no mean feat, but the hard work has paid off. I’m excited to be working for such an esteemed venue, doing a job I’m passionate about and encouraging customers to try our brilliant range of beers.”