Social Capital and all that


Step 1

The aim of TopicUK since it’s launch over three years ago is to offer a platform for businesses to collaborate, work together and forge a strong bond within our community to strengthen not only our own individual businesses, but that of others, creating ‘social capital’ and strengthening our local economy.


Step 2

TopicUK are offering businesses the opportunity to partner with us, so we can promote and share your success and help grow your business. We believe that if business communities help one another’s social capital, everyone will benefit and we will be stronger.

Step 3

When you become a TopicUK partner, not only do you promote your own business, you become part of the local business community that promotes itself to a much wider audience. TopicUK features local news and business in each of its issues and encourages businesses to work collaboratively, not only strengthening their own company but the local economy, too.

Step 4

When you book space, it doesn’t end there; we work hard to promote your advert using social media, our website and of course by word of mouth. We have carefully targeted distribution points for each of our editions, with copies never returned. Published six times a year, TopicUK is quickly earning a reputation as the best place to promote your business.

A few words from our partners

Chadwick Lawrence

“Our involvement with Topic has been extremely positive and it has given us a great platform to market a variety of legal services in a quality magazine. It has enabled us to increase our profile with both the general public and the local business community.

Sarah L.Crowther, Partner, Chadwick Lawrence

Stafflex Recruitment

“Stafflex has both advertised in and sponsored numerous publications over our 15 years of trading. It’s fair to say that we’ve often committed to these campaigns on a whim or due to personal contact with the right owners. TopicUK on the other hand has come at a time when we are far more focused on getting a higher return for our marketing budget...

Brian Stahelin, MD, Stafflex