Have you considered yacht hire for your holiday this year?

Recent research from Sailogy, a provider of luxury sailing holidays and yacht charters, has announced that the number of people in the UK that are looking to avail of yacht hire for their summer holidays has grown in recent times. Large numbers of people from around the country are planning to forego the standard UK summer getaway of sitting on a beach in the sun to take to the seas instead and this recently released research indicates that the people of Leeds are one of the top five groups of people in the country looking to set sail this summer – with sailing holidays in Greece the most favoured location!

Who favours taking sailing holidays?

From the research done by Sailogy on who is most interested in taking a summer holiday at sea, the statistics confirm that more men favour this type of summer holiday with 70% of the holidaymakers surveyed being male. In addition to this, the age ranges of people who are most interested show that many people far younger than the generally thought of middle to retirement aged people are looking for yacht hire too.

The largest age category being interested in yacht charters are between 25 and 34 as 37% of the people queried fell within this age range, with 35-44 year olds following behind them in second place with more than 28% of holidaymakers fitting into this category.

In addition to these two main ranges, almost 25% of people from Leeds in favour of a yacht charter this summer are aged between 45 and 64 making the ability to have your own peace and time away from the holiday crowds far more preferable as people get a little older as only 6% of the residents of Leeds surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24 are interested in these types of holiday, with them favouring to take more full on partying holidays instead.

How much does yacht hire cost?

According to the information provided by Sailogy, the people of Leeds are most in favour of a yacht charter to Greece to visit the thousands of islands that make up this most ancient of lands. There is much to see and do no matter whether you’re looking to scuba dive, see some ancient ruins or religious heritage sites or even visit some of the most outstanding natural beauty spots in the world it can all be done on the Greek islands. In addition to this there is much more to see and do around the capital city of Athens with its plentiful marinas that allow you to moor and explore to your hearts content.

The sailboats that can be hired for these week long excursions around Greece will fit six to eight people comfortably and the average price works out at just over €2,600 for the full week. This works out at the tiny amount of between €47 and €63 per person per day depending on if you have eight or six people on your sailing holiday but with accommodation and transport costs to enable to you move around the almost countless Greek islands at your own leisure included as part of the sailing experience this price is far from the luxury price range that you would expect for a week of living like a millionaire on a luxury yacht on the Aegean Sea.

Why Greece?

Croatia, Spain, Italy and Turkey are the most favoured sailing holidays for the majority of the UK holidaymakers according to this Sailogy information, but as people from Leeds are always ones to stand out from the crowd the choice of a yacht charter around Greece sees them with a different outlook on where they’d love to set sail to.

As touched on previously, the reasons for this is the vast array of different sights and experiences that Greece offers to Leeds holidaymakers coupled with a stunning Mediterranean climate that provides exceptional warmth and sunshine, which is something that appeals to the vast majority of UK holidaymakers who travel abroad for their holidays.

Some of the considerable highlights for your Greek adventure are the ancient ruins on Samos that include the Temple of Hera and the Eupalinian aqueduct, the island of Santorini which is the remnant of a volcanic eruption that happened more than 3,500 years ago and wiped out the Minoan people and the beautiful, sandy beaches of Paros that offer both activity packed areas as well as quiet hideaways. There are, of course, many, many more things to see and do in a country that has thousands of years of history and culture, and with Leeds holidaymakers favouring Greek sailing holidays we’re sure that all of these will be seen and explored this summer!