Family blogger wins International Award

Mum-of-two Sophie Mei Lan set up her Mama Mei blog, as a place to vent her feelings.

But quickly it started to take over her career. Sophie, who lives with her family in Wakefield, said: “I’d set up a blog magazine whilst at university which led me to training and winning awards as a journalist. But when I had my second child and she became seriously ill, I could no longer see myself working all hours inside a newsroom, I wanted to be at home with my family.”

So blogging became the perfect partnership, meaning that Sophie could stay at home and also work on her blog using her journalistic skills. “It was an obvious step for me, although it felt very difficult at the time to give up my dream job as a broadcast journalist at the BBC. “But I think that making that big decision spurred me on even more to make sure that my blog was successful and that I could still be involved with BBC, ITV and other news outlets,” said Sophie.
She started by writing blog posts “from the heart” as well as making multi-award-winning current affairs films on issues to do with the NHS and mental health.

And now she’s won a top award for her blog writing. She said: “I scooped the top award in the Tribal Chat blog awards being crowned Super Blogger. The awards were sponsored by Maryland cookies.
Sophie added “I couldn’t believe that out of all the nominated bloggers across the world, that I won.

“It’s also great to see businesses get behind bloggers like me as people are taking blogging and vlogging more seriously as a profession now.”
Founder of Tribal Chat, Kate, said: “My congratulations go to Sophie who is a fantastic blogger amd vlogger so the Super blogger award was well deserved.”

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