Another busy week…

Over the last two years, I didn’t think I had accumulated much in the office, how wrong I was! I must admit, I am a bit of a hoarder, particularly of information, (well you never know when it will come in handy!)

When it comes to moving office as we are in the process of doing, this is when it becomes somewhat noticeable!  I suppose it does give me the opportunity to be ruthless and have a bit of a clear out, but once I have done that, I will need it, isn’t that always the case?

So we move office at the end of the month. We’ve been in Unity Works for almost two years and we will be sad to leave, but its time for new horizons and new contacts, so we will be moving to Paragon Point, home of Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors, on the Paragon Office Park. As we also operate in Leeds and Kirklees / Calderdale, we will have the advantage of having meeting space there too due to the many Chadwick Lawrence offices around the region.

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Harry Purewal from House of Colour to go along and have ‘my colours done!’ This is a scientific process whereby you are assessed on what colours suit you to help you decide on a colour palette for your wardrobe, based on what suits your hair and skin tone. I have done this before so I knew what ‘season’ I was before I paid Harry a visit, which she was happy to confirm. You can read all about my experience in our April edition.

As a contrast, a couple of days later I found myself at the opening of Associated Waste Management’s new plant in Stourton, Leeds (we editors do get some glamorous assignments!) I must admit it is a fascinating place, finding out what happens to all the waste generated in the region. You can read about the new plant in our March edition.

So, back to our move. Over the next couple of days I am on the hunt for cardboard boxes or packing cases if anyone has any locally they can let me have/borrow? Supermarkets I am told are not allowed to store them any more because of health & safety issues, so if anyone can help me out I would be grateful!

I’ll keep you posted how we get on!

Gill Laidler
Group Editor